Yuda's website.


Welcome to Digipiedra!

Yuda wearig a hard hat, digging next to a construction sign.

This site is still under construction.

"Digipiedra" is Spanish for "Digistone". I started writing it in Spanish, but I figured I'd write in English from now on to reach more people. I wanted a basic static website that I could build and understand myself; that would be simple and lightweight, with no cookies or trackers, browseable with old devices and terrible Internet connections. I thought of a stone... which could be considered simple, boring or crude, but also sturdy and an essential basic.

If the pixel art in Digipiedra looks weird in your monitor, you might want to read about it in this page.

Things you can find here

About: About the website keeper.
Monthly card: Monthly recommendations of websites, articles or books, videos and music. Be sure to bookmark anything you like, they'll be gone the next month!
Thoughts: Under construction.
Things I make: Miscellaneous art and games by me.
Dream diary: Dreams I've had, narrated and illustrated with my own digital collages.
Links: Links to miscellaneous websites, tools and other cool things.
Shelf: Links to games, magazines and books that I like.
Miscellanea: Things that I don't know where else to fit.
The scale: How much does this website weigh?
Guestbook: Leave me a message!

Latest site updates (day/month/year)

[13/11/2021] Added a new dream, added the 3rd page of the toki pona course under Miscellanea.
[09/11/2021] Added the 2nd page of the toki pona course under Miscellanea.
[07/11/2021] Created the toki pona section under Miscellanea, added the 1st page of a course.
[02/11/2021] Created the Miscellanea section, added new miscellanea.
[01/11/2021] Added new links, updated the monthly card.
[27/10/2021] Shelved new items, added some links.
[24/10/2021] Added a dream.
[23/10/2021] Created the Dream diary section, added a dream.
[22/10/2021] Created the Shelf section, added some links.
[21/10/2021] Added some links, updated the About section.
[20/10/2021] Updated the About section. Some unicode characters in the navigation were not rendering properly, so I made my own icons instead.
[19/10/2021] Created the guestbook page. The navigation links now have little unicode icons. The footer is now an iframe, for quick updating. Added a new link, and a link index.
[17/10/2021] Added a new thought and new links. The games under Things I make are now hosted in Digipiedra.
[15/10/2021] Updated the left sidebar. The Navigation and Status sections are now iframes, so that I can update them without rewriting each page's HTML.
[09/10/2021] Created and updated the links page. Updated the CSS.
[08/10/2021] Updated this Home page. Updated the monthly card.
[07/10/2021] Added a couple games under Things I make.
[15/12/2020] Updated the monthly card.
[01/12/2020] Updated the website appearance.
[20/11/2020] Digipiedra is born! It is still empty.