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Welcome to Digipiedra!

HIATUS - Important announcement

You might have noticed that I haven't been updating Digipiedra as often lately. I have very recently started an actual front-end web development course. It is a very intensive course, so I need to take a hiatus from updating for some months to concentrate in it.

However, when I am done, I plan on redoing this entire website. I know better now, and its code is very messy, difficult to maintain and not very accessible at all. So I hope you don't mind waiting for Digipiedra 2.0. Until then!

Yuda wearing a hard hat, digging next to a construction sign.

This site is always under construction.

"Digipiedra" (pronounced more or less "dee-hee-pee-eh-drah", dixiˈpjeðɾa) is Spanish for "Digistone". I started writing it in Spanish, but I decided to change to English to reach more people. I wanted a basic static website that I could build and understand myself; simple and lightweight, with no cookies or trackers, browseable with old devices and terrible Internet connections. I thought of a stone... which could be considered simple or crude, but also sturdy and essential. It has flaws, but it's my own!

If the pixel art in Digipiedra looks weird in your monitor, read about it in this page.

You can use this button if you wish to link me from your website. Copy and paste the code below to embed the linked button:

A website button that reads 'Digipiedra', with three smiley face icons at the bottom.

Things you can find here

About: About the website keeper.
Monthly card: Monthly recommendations of websites, articles or books, videos and music. Be sure to bookmark anything you like, they'll be gone the next month!
Blogs: Diaries on several different themes or games.
Things I make: Miscellaneous art and games by me.
Dream diary: Dreams I've had, narrated and illustrated with my own digital collages.
Links: Links to miscellaneous websites, tools and other cool things.
Shelf: Links to games, magazines and books that I like.
Miscellanea: Things that I don't know where else to fit.
The scale: How much does this website weigh? And more information about website bloat and how it affects us.
Guestbook: Leave me a message!

Latest site updates (day/month/year)

[07/04/2022] Added the hiatus message above..
[06/03/2022] Updated the monthly card.
[02/02/2022] Updated the monthly card. Added links.
[23/01/2022] Added the train station under Miscellanea.
[17/01/2022] Added an UnReal World blog entry.
[16/01/2022] Added links. Added information about the WebP format at the end of the scale's article.
[15/01/2022] Changed the guestbook procedure to avoid confusion if you get to my email from some other page.
[12/01/2022] Added a dream.
[10/01/2022] Added an UnReal World blog entry.
[09/01/2022] Added a dream, added a ceramics gallery under Things I make. Remade some details in this page.
[08/01/2022] Discovered that I can compress images down even further without quality loss, so I've done that for all of the website's images. Added some info about it in The scale.
[05/01/2022] Updated the monthly card (sorry about the delay, been busy). Fixed the color-theme toggle from the last update to work on mobile too.
[01/01/2022] Added a CSS-only color-theme toggle for the UnReal World blog pages. Still need to adapt it for mobile browsing.
[31/12/2021] Added the UnReal World blog.
[30/12/2021] Added illustrations. Fixed yesterday's game a little. The Thoughts section is now called Blogs, since I changed my plans for it.
[29/12/2021] Added a game.
[27/12/2021] Added links.
[26/12/2021] Added links.
[23/12/2021] Added two illustration galleries under Things I make.
[20/12/2021] Added a dream.
[19/12/2021] Added miscellanea.
[14/12/2021] Updated the scale: the section now includes introductory information on website bloat and ways to fix it. Increased the text line height spacing through the website, for more comfortable reading. Added links. Added a button in this page so that you can link to my website.
[12/12/2021] Shelved items.
[08/12/2021] The website's font is now your browser's default sans-serif font, for more efficiency.
[01/12/2021] Updated the monthly card.
[13/11/2021] Added a dream, added the 3rd page of the toki pona course under Miscellanea.
[09/11/2021] Added the 2nd page of the toki pona course under Miscellanea.
[07/11/2021] Created the toki pona section under Miscellanea, added the 1st page of a course.
[02/11/2021] Created the Miscellanea section, added miscellanea.
[01/11/2021] Added links, updated the monthly card.
[27/10/2021] Shelved items, added links.
[24/10/2021] Added a dream.
[23/10/2021] Created the Dream diary section, added a dream.
[20/11/2020] Digipiedra is born! It is still empty.