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About Yuda

Also known as Squali.

I am a young adult man interested in craftsmanship of any kind (but especially pottery), creative coding, illustration, gardening and low-tech ways to do things.

I am also interested in the sciences, particularly biology, math and computer science, although it is sometimes hard for me to follow without a formal education in any of those.

I believe in anticapitalist politics, which by definition should encompass sustainability, anti-racism, gender equity, accessibility and anti-LGBTQphobia.

I speak Catalan, Spanish, English and toki pona. I understand a little French. I studied Japanese for some years, but I have now forgotten everything about it.

Here is a list of some recent obsessions, which I like to keep track of. Some of them stay, some come and go. There are some interests above (such as pottery) which are not represented because they are more diffuse or extended in time.

Date Interest
10/2021 The Small Internet movement and the Gemini protocol.
09/2021 Dwarf Fortress (game).
04/2021 Local birds and their calls.
2021 Speculative biology.
04/2021 L-systems.
04/2021 MĂ´si game maker.
03/2021 toki pona (constructed language).
2021 Permaculture.
02/2021 Cat and pigeon genetics.
02/2021 Imaginary numbers.
01/2021 Horology.
11/2020 HTML and CSS.
2020 Foxhole radios (wasn't able to build one).
11/2020 Soroban abacus (learned adding and subtracting), numeral systems, yupana, quipu, tally sticks...
2020 Combinatorics.
2020 The geologic time scale (didn't really learn it).
2020 Bushcraft.
2020 Neuroscience (introductory level).
2019 Binary, binary logic gates, binary adders.
2019 Doll repainting.
c. 2018 Clay 3D printing.
2018 Lithops (plant).
2017 Succulents (plants).
2016 Programming in Processing.
c. 2014 Crochet.
c. 2014 3D modeling with Blender.
c. 2012 Programming in C++ (wasn't able to really learn, but made a couple terribly programmed text-based console games).
2011 Rubik's cube algorithms.

Feel free to send me an e-mail or sign my guestbook if any of these sentiments or interests resonate with you: digipiedraatprotonmail·com