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This list will keep expanding over time!

The Small Web

The Website Obesity Crisis
Recommended read if you don't know about the extent to which the web is unjustifiedly bloated, and how it's affecting you and others.

Project Gemini FAQ
If you liked the last read, take a look at Project Gemini: Geminispace is another Internet of sorts, very early at the moment (2021), with less than 2000 capsules (how websites are called in Geminispace). Gemini is a protocol that doesn't support Javascript or CSS: this is with anticapitalist and accessibility (visual and technological) objectives in mind.

Solar-powered website about low-tech solutions to many aspects of life. The sections about setting up a solar-based server are of particular interest.
Read with caution: They have expressed anti-vaccine and anti-medication ideas in the name of low tech, in an article I read.


Internet Archive
Non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Check out the Internet Arcade section under the Software tab for a collection of old games (some of them might be NSFW).

Website providing mass public access to research papers, "to remove all barriers in the way of science".


Piracy megathread
Thread on the best places for piracy, and general tips on how to avoid malware (stay out of The Pirate Bay). May include NSFW content.

Temp Mail
Disposable temporary e-mail adress generator: to avoid spam when forced to provide an e-mail adress to download something, for example.

An online, free replica of Photoshop from the horrible company Adobe.

A color palette generator.

Color blender
To blend and pick colors in Hex or RGB format, with up to 10 midpoints. Could be useful for your Neocities site.