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About this blog

My plan for this blog is to follow the adventures of my UnReal World character, while also sharing links on things like survival and artisanry skills or fauna and flora information, as well as rambling on games, nature or anything that comes to mind. I hope this content can still be interesting to people who haven't played URW. You could consider it a written let's-play of sorts.

What is UnReal World?

URW is the first game of the survival genre (it also has roguelike and RPG elements to it) that has also been in active development since 1992, continuing to share updates as of 2021 (three decades!). It's a 2D game that's heavy on text and commands (you can control it entirely through the keyboard), and it offers an incredibly realistic experience compared to other games of its genre, plus a very educational in-game encyclopedia. You can craft tools, traps and buildings; use a plethora of skills such as cookery, agriculture or even weatherlore; interact with NPCs and their culture or be a hermit; and you need to keep an eye on many things such as hunger, thirst, the load you carry, temperature, wounds, exhaustion... While in a setting inspired by Finnish iron age. The two-developer team releases for free the version just before the latest one. You can download it and read more in the official website.