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As with all my works in this website, please do not repost my drawings anywhere else. Thank you.

As I draw self-portraits regularly, this gallery will keep expanding in the future.

I feel like I need to open this gallery with one of the first self-portraits that I've drawn, and follow it with one of the latest:

A child drawing of a child smiling. The child has long brown hair and is wearing a blue and white checkered shirt, and blue pants with a colorful fish drawing pattern.

Crayon, circa 2000.

A digital painting bust-up portrait of a young white long-haired man. The overall hues of the painting are pink and brown. His hair is brown and he has a moustache and stubble. He grasps his face with his hands, covering it partially, while he looks at some place behind the viewer, with a lost gaze. The white of his eyes is yellow, his irises are dark with a squiggly red line highlight or reflection. The reds of his face, in his lips and eyelids, are exaggerated, almost glowing. In the background, thin pink and grey clouds pass by, merging with his hair.

Role in a global pandemic
Digital painting, 2020.

A drawing done with a purple and a red pencil. A young man looks down at the viewer, half of his face is hidden by shadow. He has glasses, and a moustache and slight beard. His eye is yellow, with weird hypnotic patterns in his iris.

Color pencils, 2021.

I tried to exaggerate some features of my face that I dislike.

A digital black-and-white pixelled bust-up portrait of a young white man with glasses, short hair, a black beanie and a black yarn sweater. He has a moustache and stubble. He looks to his right side as he holds a cigarette in his mouth. Smoke is coming out of it, partially covering his face. His left eye is glitched and repeated horizontally many times to his left, out of his face and looking at him.

Digital drawing in Microsoft Paint, 2021.

I don't smoke anymore, but I felt like it. So I drew this instead.