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Dreamed 18/10/2015

At the center of a room, there is a table covered in white tablecloth, surrounded by classic white chairs and with some decorations and food on top. There are some balloons attached to the leftmost chair. Hanged from the wall at the back, which is pastel blue with slightly darker vertical bars, there are little triangular party flags that read: missing friends. Some of the hand-drawn letters are flipped. On the chairs around the table sit three old teddy bears and a stuffed rabbit. The two bears across the table look directly at you.

I walked through a corridor in an old house. Its walls were covered in peeling, soft blue wallpaper. The dust on the window panes filtered the light from outside, as if they were heavy clouds.

I stood in front of a white wooden door at the end of the corridor. Written on the door, I read "MISSING FRIENDS PARTY". I slowly turned the door open. At the other side, stuffed animals were sitting around a table, adorned with dusty party decorations. The animals turned their heads towards me. When a teddy bear across the table stared directly at me, I understood that they were holding a party for their missing owners, to which evidently none of them turned up. I woke up.