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Dreamed 06/01/2022

A dark room lit with neon red light and the blue light of a computer screen in the center, with a doorless exit at the left. The computer is very old-looking and tall, almost like a big plastic brick the height of a person. It has a small square screen at the top, a keyboard and some mechanical pieces below. There is a tall chair in front of the computer. There are some cables and a small poster that can't be seen very well in the wall.

The living players of a cyberpunk-themed LARP thought that once someone's character died, they had to leave the setting. However, once dead they were informed of a secret: the dead could keep spectating the game by way of "haunting" a public computer.

Public computers were scattered across the LARP area, and were all connected to a small local area network (not the Internet) used for communication among players. A dead player could choose one of these machines and fit inside of its case, watching the screen from the inside and having some limited control over the cursor while the living were using the computer.