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Dreamed 09/04/2021

A light cream-colored book. The cover title reads 'The art of being funny, polite and beautiful', in somewhat ornate letters. In the middle, there's an illustration in the style of old etchings, of a bald round head smiling eerily from which legs and arms directly sprout. It's wearing a top hat and carrying an elegant walking cane.

On the floor next to a house in the street there was a pile of dumped items. A small cabinet in the style of Memphis Group; a croquette-shaped, papier-mâché black cat with thin stumpy legs, wire whiskers and intense yellow eyes; and two small old books. Their covers had a fabric-like texture. One was dark blue and had no title, only an illustration of a girl in a victorian dress and small bat wings, sitting under a crescent moon. The other was a light cream color, with an illustration of a smiling, egg-like head from wich legs and arms directly sprouted. The title read: "The Art of being Funny, Polite & Beautiful".